Top 10 Horror Movies

The Top Ten Horror Movies Ever Produced

By: Andy Rohn

Hellraiser comes in at number ten. This movie is certainly a shocker and has quite a few components that make you jump out of your seat. This movie is certainly not for the squeamish, but should you like horror movies you'll love this a single.

In at number nine is The Evil Dead. Even though you will find some comedic components on this movie, it is unquestionably a horror flick. There's lots of decapitation and dismemberment on this movie. Once more, if you've a weak stomach this might not be the greatest movie for you to observe. There may possibly be lots of blood and gore and it can be really the ultimate in grossness.

At number eight is Dawn with the Dead. There is certainly basically the unique which was created in 1978 and then the remake, both which are incredible scary. The authentic will constantly be a classic and was super scary and gross.

Freddy Krueger often has to make the listing on any top horror movie ranking. A Nightmare on Elm Street is rather significantly the scariest Krueger movie to date and helps make this record at number seven. There were a ton of sequels soon after this movie but as with most horror movies, the unique still takes the cake. Krueger's gruesome personality and nail slashing killings make this movie gory and terrifying.

For number six it truly is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. An additional horror flick that had a latest remake, this movie properly deserves its spot on the checklist. The ultimate in grindhouse entertainment, this flick is recognized by quite properly everybody by the crazy chainsaw carrying criminal living in Texas.

Sigourney Weaver created the number five movie a top pick-Alien. This movie can't get very much grosser, with aliens popping out of people's stomachs. The unique effects and also the sets on this movie are divine and seriously make it worth the view. The movie is about a crew who flies a ship and ends up having an alien come onboard. Once again, there are lots of sequels to this movie but these sequels basically aren't all that poor. The current Alien Vs Predator is one particular from the latest sequels and is certainly worth seeing.

Coming in at number 4 is Halloween and this movie was very difficult just to put at number 4. It's terrifying in each sense from the word and immediately after you look at it you will probably be looking around you wherever you go thinking you see Michael Myer's creepy white masked face.

The Thing is number three, and contemplating this point can do anything from grow spider legs and stretch its head it really is quite obvious why it helps make this listing.

In second location it's Videodrome which seriously gives you the shivers whenever you look at it. Developed by David Cronenberg, the genius behind Shivers, The Brood and Scanners.

Jack Nicholson can make The Shining number one, with his brilliant acting as a lunatic.

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