Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calling all writers

Lyons and Grant Multimedia LLC, a newly formed New York based book publishing company, is now opened for business. Our mission is to give new writers the chance to publish and distribute their work when the big publishing house will not.
We are looking for talented writers who want to get their stories published and onto the shelves of national bookstores. If you already have a completed manuscript and would like us to evaluate it please contact us at If it is already edited we have a distribution network already lined up and can go to print within a month or two. Your book will also be converted into an ebook for distribution to both the iPad and Kindle markets.

We are looking for all genres even short stories. We are also interested in illustrators for cover designs as well as interior graphics.

If you are a writer with a story please forward us the following information:

Your full name
Mailing address
Phone number
Email address
Brief author bio
Synopsis of story

A representative will contact you promptly.

We are NOT a vanity publishing company. So not everyone’s work will be selected and there are no costs involved. All authors maintain all rights to their work.

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